Control and Monitoring

Each business process instance has its own web page. It contains the full details about the process: parameter values, user comments and questions, active tasks, executors and statuses, etc.

You can control the execution of a business process from its page, e.g. change the parameters, interrupt instances. Contentum BPM offers tools for control and monitoring: My Processes, Process Monitor, Process Maps.

My Processes page shows the business processes where the user is the initiator, responsible or executor. Contentum BPM has convenient filters to help you find the instances you need. To view the details of instances, you can go to its web page.

Process monitor page shows the business processes where the user is the owner, supervisor or informed user. You don’t have to be one of the participants to view the details. From this page, you can go to the web page of any process instance.

Another way to monitor the execution of a business process is to view its map. In Contentum BPM Web Application, the business process map visually resembles the BPMN diagram created in Contentum Designer but has some additional notes.

Completed operations are circled in bold blue; an active operation is circled in bold green.

This way you get all the details about both active and completed tasks of the process. You can open the business process map from its web page at any time.

Moreover, executives won’t even have to monitor business processes manually; Contentum BPM will do that for them. That’s how it works: if employees have overdue tasks, Contentum BPM will notify their superiors to take some actions regarding the process.

BPMN 2.0

An intuitive and simple language for modeling business processes

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