Contentum Projects+ is a tool, designed to execute projects, control available resources (time, financial, human resources) and establish communication between project team members.

Projects are not typical tasks; they require cooperation of different departments and consist of a sequence of stages. These stages can include a lot of small tasks. The tasks are executed by tens, hundreds and thousands of company’s employees.

When you carry out a project, these three components are most important:

  • Quality of the end product;
  • Due dates for all the activities;
  • Project budget, which is always limited

When you manage a project you set and achieve specific goals and to do so, you balance the amount of work, resources (such as money, labor, supplies, energy, space, etc.), time, quality and risks.

Generally, project management includes:

  • Setting project requirements;
  • Setting a specific, achievable goal;
  • Balancing contradictory requirements on quality, contents, time and costs;
  • Adjusting characteristics, plans and approaches to personal opinions and expectations of project team members;
  • Monitoring the project progress according to the plan. Adjusting the project progress taking into account possible deviations.

A project manager is a person responsible for achieving the project objectives; it is important for them to be experienced and skilled. No software can completely replace a good project manager; however, it can help them organize a shared work space in order to solve routine tasks (e.g. draw a Gantt chart) and focus their attention on more complex issues.

Contentum Projects+ allows the users to cope with the following tasks:

  • Managing project schedule;
  • Organizing a shared workspace on the project;
  • Communication between the project team members;
  • Managing project budget;
  • Informing the stakeholders on the project progress;
  • Managing project risks.