Contentum Projects+ allows you to manage project revenues and expenses item-by-item. Each project has its own set of items and planned values. Real values are accounted according to actual documents.

Actual income and expenditure values are registered in Contentum. You can send them for approval, acquaintance or on a routing process. Thus, a project budget is more than just a set of numbers – you can monitor flow of funds and learn which employees are involved in this process or responsible for it.





Different options of budget information display are available. In case of implementation projects, you can start a request process for budgeting project items and tie this process to the accounting department.

A business process can also regulate receipt of funds to the budget. Information updates in Contentum are automated. It allows project management companies to speed up payments to contractors, control them and by doing so accelerate the project progress.

A project manager can monitor actual expenditures and current payments on approval in view of the project.