The system provides you with a calendar scheduling tool, which allows you to control due dates and project execution. Contentum calendar is compatible with MS Project calendar.

You can create and publish a project plan in two ways:

1. Manually. Create tasks, define hierarchy and sequences, link tasks, assign executors, etc.

2. Import an MS Project file. The system will attempt to automatically assign tasks to executors.

As the result you get a project plan. The Gantt chart represents the plan. You can select any task in the project plan and view details on its executor: conversation, documents and files exchange, etc. Each task page contains its history.

In Contentum editing mode, you can easily adjust the plan: move tasks along the chart with your mouse, draw links between tasks, specify tasks completion rate (if the executor has not done it earlier).

We have also created project schedule monitoring tools. The chart displays tasks status: complete, overdue, active.

There are more tools. For example, you can create a critical path in one click. The project plan looks like an MS Project plan: same task attributes, hierarchy, etc.

This is because Contentum plan and MS Project plan are compatible. You can import an MS Project plan and then export the plan back to MS Project at any time (e.g. for multi-page printing).

Moreover, you can edit the plan and import it again without losing the tasks statuses.