• Business Processes in Conveyor

    You can use business processes in Contentum Projects+ in the following cases:

  • Establish Shared Workspace

    Contentum Projects+ creates a well-organized environment for project managers where they can access all project management tools in one place.

  • How the system works?

    Contentum Projects+ is a tool, designed to execute projects, control available resources (time, financial, human resources) and establish communication between project team members.

  • Integration with MS Project

    Contentum and MS Project schedule compatibility allows you to import and export project plans within the systems without any restrictions. At any time you can switch between the systems and use the most convenient one, depending on the task you need to solve.

  • Manage Risks

    You can find the list of risks on the project page. You can set priority for each risk to underline its importance.

  • Monitor Schedule Compliance

    Contentum Projects+ assigns tasks to executors according to the project plan. Each executor receives their set of tasks. You can monitor schedule compliance in the on-line mode.

  • Project Budget Control

    Contentum Projects+ allows you to manage project revenues and expenses item-by-item. Each project has its own set of items and planned values. Real values are accounted according to actual documents.

  • Project Communications

    The system provides you with tools for establishing communication between team members. The priority is combining information exchange efficiency with a high security level for potentially confidential information.

  • Project Schedule

    The system provides you with a calendar scheduling tool, which allows you to control due dates and project execution. Contentum calendar is compatible with MS Project calendar.

  • Project Templates

    Project management organizations eventually start working with projects of one type. Contentum Projects+ allows you to create and use your own project templates, which will save your time on creating same-type projects.

  • Projects Conveyor

    Projects Conveyor concept optimizes typical processes execution by using business processes and Contentum Projects+ functions.

  • Restrict Access to Business Information

    Contentum Projects+ allows you to configure access to project information resources (general project information, documents, budget data). You can grant access to those team members, who need it to carry out their responsibilities on the project.