Contentum Projects+ creates a well-organized environment for project managers where they can access all project management tools in one place.

The application page displays the following information:

  • General Project Information. Project team members, due dates, status.
  • Project Plan and Project Tasks. The list shows which tasks are currently active, completed, overdue or almost over. You can view the details by clicking on the task.
  • Team members notes and activity discussions. Project messages.
  • Project Budget. Information on project revenues and expenses, and the respective financial result.
  • Documents. Project documents list including: contracts, certificates, product requirements document, etc. The document base has a permission system, which ensures that stakeholders can view only the documents they need.
  • Project Risks. Potential project problems, ways of prevention, mitigation and elimination. It is important to pay attention to the project risks, so that you are ready to deal with them if they appear.

Portlets – small information windows – display all the information on the project page. You can add, delete and move portlets. To receive more information on a subject (e.g. the budget) click the portlet name. Then you will see a page with all information on this subject.