Функції Contentum CRM+

Contentum CRM+ містить більшу кількість функцій для організації процесу продажів в компанії.


Calls / Meetings / Mail

With the calendar, you can plan calls, meetings and set reminders to send mail to a customer.

You can use the calendar to plan internal events and tasks.

You can export your calendar to mobile devices.

Managers can view calendars of their employees and adjust the schedule if necessary.

All relationships are stored on the contractor page. It allows you to quickly restore the relationship history.

Leads (Potential Customers)

The Leads section contains “raw information”: requests from websites, business cards from trade shows, external leads base, etc.

This section allows you to keep deals and contractors bases sorted out. If the outcome is favorable, the lead is converted into a Contractor or Deal object. All accumulated information is transferred to these objects.

Otherwise lead development is completed.

The system allows you to import lead lists from MS Excel.

Contractors Database

One of the main Contentum CRM+ sections is Contractors. It stores contractors information.

With Contentum CRM+ you can configure several contractor types. Each type has its attributes, page and business processes. Private individual and company are examples of the types.


The contacts section stores customers contact information, so you can quickly find the one you need in the database.

You can configure the attributes list. Contacts section is aligned with the contractors section.

When you plan meetings and calls you can use contacts from the section.


The Deals section contains information on current contractors relationship.

You can create more than one deal with the same contractor simultaneously.

This section stores information on sales value, products and deal stages.

Inpayment Planning

You can plan Inpayments in the Deals section. This function is important at the planning and executing stages.

When all the deals information is compiled, it forms the financial plan for sales officers, sales team or the entire company.

ELMA CRM+ allows you to configure sales plan approval and moderation mechanism.

Active Sales Funnel

With the sales funnel you can view sale process stages and evaluate employee performance at each stage.

How does it work? Assume, there are three stages: (1) Initial Contact, (2) Forming a Business Proposal, (3) Signing a contract. A sales officer creates a deal and changes its stages as the situation develops. The managers observes the progress and plans finances and resources accordingly.

This is a classical approach. It has a minor, but substantial defect: sales officers either forget to set sale stages or do it incorrectly. As the result, the funnel may fail as a planning tool.

ELMA CRM+ solves this problem. The solution is the Active Sales Funnel.

The principle is simple: a business process can start when a certain stage is entered. The business process can have any sequence required.

This approach allows you to be sure, that only relevant information is added to the system at each stage. For example, when the Contract stage is entered, the sales officer remembers to attach the business proposal to the deal.

Sales Dynamics Analysis

A reliable funnel allows you to analyse deal progress dynamics.

Negative dynamics will eventually affect the financial result.

The Sales Dynamics section graphically shows what has happened for the fiscal period. The green zone displays progressing deals. The red zone displays regressing or failed deals.

You can draw samples from the entire company and from separate sales teams.


ELMA CRM+ allows you to keep a register of marketing activities and evaluate their efficiency.

Learn more about this function in «Marketing Department».


ELMA CRM+ integration with IP-telephony puts into action:

Outgoing calls

Sales officers can call customers from their PCs. CRM will automatically record them.

Incoming calls

Sales officers can receive incoming calls. CRM will automatically record them as well.


Business Processes

Business process management systems are based on a simple principle: at the implementation stage you model an organization’s business processes with visual diagrams.

Then you upload the diagrams to the computer system and they become executable. It means, that the program allows you to track and control execution of business processes in the real enterprise operation.

This approach approximates actual execution of business processes to their original models.


Tasks / Calendar / Messages / Company

Contentum CRM+ provides tools for teamwork within a company.

Tasks – assign and control tasks; compliance standards.

Calendar – plan external and internal events.

Messages – communicate within the company and work teams.

Company Section – employees list, birthdays, access to Tasks and Calendars of subordinates.

Documents Section – store electronic documents.